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The Accretion ring making process

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Once you have an idea of what you might like your band to look like, you are ready to select materials. If you know which those are, great! If you don't, I make good recommendations. Based of course, on your desired outcome. Send an email to schedule a consultation interview. Let me know your preferred contact method, how to reach you there, availability, and time zone if not EST. I prefer text, messaging through my social media, or video calls. If times just won't line up, I can email you a questionnaire. During the interview, we'll establish the fine detail of your band; dimensions, shape, material/s, configuration, etc. I'll ask you lifestyle questions to be certain we select materials suitable to your purposes and pursuits. At the end I'll present some pros and cons and future ramifications of materials chosen and fabrication techniques. The pros of the world know this as "expectation management". If you wish to move ahead at that point, I'll send you a detailed drawing and quote within 72 hrs. The next step, should you wish to proceed is any revisions to the design, and submitting proof of legal age to enter contract. A first redesign is free, but subsequent re-drawings will be charged $25.00/instance. A state I.D. is best, but I can work with whatever you have that says you are who you say you are, and you are over whatever the age of majority might be in your locality. Upon receipt and verification of your documentation, I send a contract including warranty terms, for your consent to proceed. In some cases, this will include an invoice for any material deposit. Upon receipt of the consented contract, and any due deposit, I provide an estimated project completion window (Usually 3-4 weeks in production, and 2-7 days in transit), I remain in contact throughout the supply and fabrication process to keep you appraised of progress, credits or debits to the original quote, and project completion. Upon completion of fabrication and remittance of payment, your new band and accompanying materials are shipped via insured parcel carrier of your choice, and you are the proud owner of an Accretion band!


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